CIP liners for high-pressure pipelines
   Pressure drum for up to 2000 ft. of HPL
In a joint R&D project, Karl Weiss of Germany and GTI as partner and sponsor, completed product refinements as well as development and testing of the new High-Pressure Liner (HPL) installation equipment for natural gas pipelines.

The first field installation of the new HPL in the U.S. was hosted by KeySpan in 2004 using the installation procedure, the equipment and tools designed to maximize the product's capabilities. This field installation represents a successful project completion. It is the culmination of several years of R&D and considerable investment by technical organizations and utilities. The project has been challenging but we are committed to providing gas operators with a reliable and long-term trenchless method for extending the useful life of high-pressure pipelines.

In comprehensive lab, operational and field tests conducted in a project managed by Eon.ruhrgas AG, the completely new liner and appropriate adhesive system on epoxy resin basis have successfully proven to fulfill all of Germans DVGW VP 404 requirements for an pressure of 450 psi. This comprises ageing strength, fluid strength, sealing characteristics, peel strength, creep strength against internal pressure, and testing the peel-off strength.
For applications, such as
  • actual or potential corrosion fractures,
  • preventive protection against internal corrosion,
  • sealing of culverts, railroad underpasses and nature reserves,
  • preventive sealing of fracture-prone weld seams
the starline®HPL-G technology is a cost-effective solution.
For rehabilitation of gas transmission pipes, currently up to 24" (larger diameters for large projects on request) and a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi. Test according to German DVGW VP 404 passed successfully. DVGW certificate has been awarded in August 2002.
Based on the results, the starline®HPL-G system has a use expectancy of at least 50 years in structurally sound pipes with an internal pressure of 450 psi (30 bar) for bridging corrosion pits up to 2" (50 mm) in diameter.
With a modified liner coating, this technology is called starline®HPL-W. It can be used for drinking water transmission pipes (see starline®1000)
The high quality of the starline®HPL technology, its cost-effectiveness, long operating life, absolutely high reliability and safety as well as its easy handling make it perhaps the most efficient rehabilitation technology available on the market.
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