CIP liners for mains
   Pressure drum
Since 1991, the starline®2000 technology developed by Karl Weiss in 1990, has been successfully used to rehabilitate more than 250 miles of natural gas distribution mains with diameters of 4" to 24" in Europe. By using a mobile pressure drum, pipelines can be rehabilitated which are not easily accessible to rehabilitation vehicles. After the lining process has been completed, which takes approximately 1 hour for sections up to 1,000 feet,
the pressure drum can be disconnected from the line so that additional sections can be rehabilitated with a single set of installation equipement in one working day. The specially developed cleaning technique allows the fabric hose to be uniformly bonded to the interior wall of the pipe, insuring the high quality of the rehabiliation. For linings in operating pressures of up to 90 psi, a cold-hardening and a warm-hardening adhesive system are available.
Cold-hardening system: The lines are cured overnight so that the pipeline can be put into operation again within 1½ working days.
Warm-hardening system: Only a few hours are required for warm-hardening so that the customer can be resupplied with gas within 12 - 16 hours.
The high quality of the starline®2000 technology, its cost-effectiveness, long operating life, absolutely high reliability and safety as well as its easy handling make it perhaps the most efficient rehabilitation technology available on the market.
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