CIP liners for services
The starline®200 technology is a newly developed rehabilitation technology for services in gas distribution systems using a fabric hose liner with a plastic coating. Using this fabric-hose technology, services with diameters of 1" to 2 ½" and a length of up to 200 ft can be lined. The crucial benefit of the technology is that up to five offsets or five 90° bends can be lined absolutely uniformly and wrinkle-free. This is made possible by a newly developed hose system. Due to a weaving process and an innovative coating technique, the physical parameters of the fabric hose can be set such that the bends and offsets are lined effectively. For the lining of services, the fabrichose is filled with the appropriate quantity of adhesive.

   Wrinkle-free rehabilitation of 90° elbows
Using the inversion process, it is inserted into the pipe using air pressure and a very light pressure drum, and is uniformly glued to the interior wall of the pipeline. Gas migration is prevented due to uniform bonding between liner and pipe which is made possible using a specially developed cleaning method making end seals unncessary. The operating pressure of a service linerehabilitated using the starline®200 technology can be up to 60 psi.
Depending on the size of the rehabilitation crew, three to four services can be lined per day if the warm-curing method is used. Thus, customers are promptly reconnected to their gas supply. The starline®200 technology is a cost-effective, fast, and safe rehabilitation process for gas services. starline®200 lines the pipeline uniformly and wrinkle-free, even in 90° bends, with the rehabilitated line having at least the same life as a new HD PE service. A special-purpose self-contained installation truck has been developed in the United States to facilitate the cost-effective performance of the technology.
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