Other starline® technologies
 The following starline® technologies are being developed or are already  available:
for rehabilitation of drinking water mains with diameters of 3" to 24" and operating pressures of up to 150 psi. All requirements for the technology's application in drinking water pipes in Germany, the KTW recommendations for application of plastics in drinking water pipes and the DVGW W270 Recommended Practice (German Association of Gas and Water), have been complied with. The relevant U.S. certificate, NSF61 (National Sanitation Foundation), has been applied for and will be issued shortly.
 starline®3000 UV
Applicable for the sewage water system with weakened static by self-supporting and DIBT-approved "Brandenburger Lining".
Based on the UVA light short curing technique, using professional technology, the seamless Liner cures to a "pipe in pipe" while energy consumption and styrene emissions are reduced to a minimum.
Rehabilitations of up to 150 meters sewer pipes can be easily performed within one workday.
Based on the starline®HPL-G Technology, using certified liner material and adhesive for drinking water, the rehabilitation of water transmission pipes with long installation length becomes reality.
is not only an option to pipe-in-pipe liners for waste water pipes. Especially for waste water pressure pipes and long installation sections is this technology very interesting.

Fabric hose in reversion process

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