CIP technology

Cured-in-place (CIP) pipe liners are intended to rehabilitate structurally sound pipelines having localized defects such as localized corrosion, welds that are weaker than required for service, or loose joints (cast-iron pipe), where leaks might occur. In the starline® technology, a seamless circular-woven fabric hose made of polyester fabric with a plastic coating is inserted into the pipe to be lined by the inversion process, and is uniformly glued to the interior wall of the pipe with a solvent-free two-component adhesive.

     The primary benefits of the technology are:

  • The flexible liner can be installed even in pipes with bends to seal against gas leaks.
  • Even if the pipe is broken by third party damage or ground movement, the starline fabric hose remains gas-tight, i.e. safe operation is insured.
  • CIP Lining does not significantly reduce pipe capacity.
  • Rehabilitation of pipe requires minimal excavation and restoration.
  • The gas cannot migrate due to the fact that the liner uniformly bonds to the pipe.
  • Conventional pipeline maintenance procedures, including installation of new services, can be performed after starline® has been installed in the pipeline. All pipeline works required on rehabilitated pipes can be performed using conventional pipeline construction methods, i.e. no special tooling or fittings are required.
  • CIP liners have been proven to be a long-term solution to leaking pipes with an operating lifetime that exceeds many decades, provided that the statics of the host pipe is not weakened.
            Sand-blasting technique for pipe             cleaning
            Pulling the fabric hose into the             pipe in the inversion process
            Completion of the rehabilitation in             the inversion process
            Opening of a gas service via TV             cutter

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