Quick up date on starline trenchless technology…

• A successful demonstration at National Grid of a new starline product, HPL-G 180, was conducted by Karl Weiss and Progressive Pipeline Management (PPM) in 2007. HPL-G 180 is a rehabilitation for mains up to 180 psi and diameters as small as 6 inches. The development of HPL-G 180 was funded by National Grid and Atmos Energy.

• Two demonstrations of an accelerated, ultraviolet curing system currently under development were conducted with Puplic Service Gas and Electric and Consolidated Edison Company of New York in the fall of 2007. During the first demonstration a 12 inch main was cured at a rate of 3 ft/min and resulted in the lining, curing and final inspection being completed in 5 hours. The curing rate for the second demonstration was increased to 4,5 ft/min and resulted in the cleaning, pre-inspection, lining, curing and final inspection being completed in 9 hours. The accelerated curing system will be commercially available in the summer of 2008.

• PPM recently rehabilitated a leaking fire-water under a concrete foundation near the main reactor building at the Exelon Nuclear Power, Dresden Generating Station in Morris, Il. The possibility to re-route the 6-inch cast iron pipe or to replace it through the foundation was not possible. PPM developed and tested a one-way lining progess where the inversion would stop internally at a desired length because only one acoess point was poosible. The pressure drum remained in place during process to hold the liner in-place with the rentention belt. PPM`s robotic unit was then deployed to “cut-out” the liner just in front of the inversion “tail”. Using a loop system pre-installed on the tail, this section of liner and tail was then pulled free from the pipe using a wich. PPM also development a one-way sand blasting process to allow for sufficient cleaning.
After curing, the water pressure built up on the opposite end of the liner to the point where it actually pushed back the inverted liner by 10 feet. At this point Exelon was hoping that a solution could still be found. PPM then decided to attempt a “sectional” lining approach using a standard sewer by-pass plug. This plug was a 7`long sleeve with a 2” channel through the middle to allow water to pass through. The plug was inflated to keep constant and tight pressure against the pipe wall. The starline 2000 medium pressure liner was cut to 6 feet, turned inside out and loaded on the by-pass plug. The fabric side of the liner was then coated with starline 1000 adhesive. The plug was inserted into the pipe and inflated to 20 psi. As the water level rose, it flowed through the by-pass of the plug, allowing the liner to bond to the pipe`s surface. This process was repeated 6 times to line approximately 25 feet, section by section, covering the suspected leaking area of the cast iron pipe.
Exelon pressure tested the line, returned it to service and reported the leaking problem was solved. They were very appreciative of the innovative and unconventional solution that was provided. Based on their experience with this one-time special installation, Exelon is now in the process of contracting with PPM to rehabilitate the entire fire main system at the plant over the course of the next 3 years. They are also interested in using the starline technology at ALL of their Nuclear Plants across the country.

• In the spring of 2007, PPM installed the longest single inversion of the starline 2000 process in a 10-inch steel pipeline for their client, T.W. Phillips Gas & Oil. The length of the inversion was 995 feet. The pipeline cleaning and waste recovery process, as well as the lengthy inversion of the starline medium pressure liner, was all performed without incident. The 1940s vintage steel main had localized corrosion and ran adjacent to a RR track and river. The use of starline trenchless technology in this application was a “homerun” for the customer in terms of costs savings and reliability.

• Edward “Eddie” Johnston is the new president of starline trenchless technology. Eddie is looking to expand the use of starline products across the nation and into other industries.

• For more information regarding starline products or applications, contact Alicia Farag at 847-544-3492.

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