Licensees' training
1st step: As part of the license agreement, a training program will be arranged for the licensee's technical staff. The duration of the training depends on the particular technology. The training itself can take place on the licensee's construction sites or at a training center, and is conducted by highly qualified and experienced Karl Weiss specialists. The individual training sessions consist of theoretical but mainly practical knowledge transfer. The licensee receives comprehensive manuals for each technology in English in which all technical aspects are described in great detail. At the end of the training program, a final exam demonstrates the participants' newly acquired skills.
2nd step: Following the technical staff's training the technology is introduced by practical applications on the licensee's construction sites. The licensor's specialists support the training staff until the technology's application runs smoothly.
3rd step: All licensees are invited to annual workshops in the U.S., two-day events organized by the licensor. These workshops are a forum for an intensive exchange of experiences between the individual licensees as well as with the licensor himself. The licensor also conducts theoretical and practical presentations of optimized technical procedures and new developments.
4th step: The company starline tt is each licensee's permanent and competent technology partner. The support of the licensees is the licensor's highest priority.

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