Licensing agreement

starline tt, LLC promotes the hydros® and starline® technologies on the U.S. market by issuing licenses to interested customers. Our license agreement has the following basic structure:

  • By taking a license, the licensee obtains the technical know-how and the right to use the technology. These licenses usually are regional licenses.
  • By taking a license, the licensee also receives the equipment required for the practical application of the technology, such as pressure drums, transition adapters, attachments, etc.
  • The technical staff participates in a comprehensive and careful training program to ensure the high-quality and cost-effective application of the technology.
  • The licensor is committed to supplying the licensee in sufficient quantities with all consumables required for the technology's application, such as hose material, adhesives, etc. In addition the licensee receives spare parts for the licensed equipment, if required.
  • Licensor and licensee are mutually committed to a trustworthy and reliable cooperation. The licensor always tries to support and advise the licensee as best as possible.
  • Licensor will conduct marketing analysis and development to generate interest, educate potential users, and encourage product and service sales.

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