Brief history of stt, LLC
During the World Gas Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 1997 representatives of U.S. gas utilities asked members of the Group of Karl Weiss of Berlin, Germany whether they could develop a special fabric hose rehabilitation system for gas services featuring 90 elbows. In the fall of 1997 Karl Weiss agreed to start development work.
At the end of February 1998, a delegation of the U.S. gas industry, Brooklyn Union and Consolidated Edison of New York, PG&E of California, PECO of Philadelphia and PSE&G of New Jersey as well as the Gas Research Institute and Institute of Gas Technology, visited Karl Weiss in Berlin. They had the opportunity to witness the first Karl Weiss developments, and since they had such a good impression of the technology field demonstrations for the rehabilitation of gas services (new development as starline®200 technology) and of gas mains with the tried and tested starline®2000 technology were scheduled.
These demonstrations were successfully conducted in September and October 1998 in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The U.S. gas utilities were convinced of the professional performance and efficiency of the starline®technology. On February 10, 1999 Karl Weiss established starline trenchless technology, LLC to promote and commercialize trenchless technologies in the U.S. On June 10, 1999 the Gas Research Institute joined the newly formed company as strategic partner.

   Group of Karl Weiss and GRI sign    the joint venture agreement for    starline trenchless technology, LLC
Visit of US delegation in spring 98 in Berlin in front of the former Berlin Wall

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